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Plant a tree in Uganda with your donation of $50

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Donate $50 or more and plant a tree in the Child Care Empowerment Forest in Uganda!

VCS Afforestation Program, Uganda will plant a tree for every donation you make of at least $50.

The International Small Group + Tree Planting Program is a community initiative dedicated to empowering small groups of 27,000 subsistence farmers to combat the devastating effects of deforestation, poverty and drought through a combination of sustainable development with carbon sequestration. Sales of VCS/CCB carbon credits generate participant income while the project today also addresses agriculture, HIV/AIDS, nutrition + fuel wood challenge

Once you've made your donation you will receive an email with instructions for how you can plant YOUR tree in the Child Care Empowerment Forest! You'll receive a pdf certificate about your tree with information of the tree and where it's planted, what the uses and benefits to the people of Uganda and more!

Your donation not only helps the children of Child Care Empowerment, it also benefits the country of Uganda! You can add more to your donation and also select to cover PayPal fees, if you are able.

Thank you for your support of the children and community of Child Care Empowerment.

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