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Maize Project

Maize is one of the most important cereal crops in Uganda. Child Care Empowerment aims at training small scale farmers with good agriculture practices (GAP) at a demonstration field, providing agriculture inputs (40kg of improved maize variety, 20 hoes, 40kg fertilizers, 20 tarpaulin for post harvest handling) and linking farmers to viable agriculture markets to improve on food security and increased income of maize producers in Buwenge. Child Care Empowerment’s goal is to contribute to food security and increased well-being of maize producers and consumers in Jinja district.
Sponsored by Jesse & Skilled Floors | Melbourne, Australia

All amounts are in USD.
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Chicken Project



Completed January 2023

Jacob’s Well

Jacob is 8 years old and decided to do a fundraiser to get clean water to the children with CCE. He raised $1900AUD and the work began on 3 January, 2023

Meet Jake

Jacob is proud to be a sponsor for a boy, Andi, who is just one year older than he is! It’s no surprise after seeing this that he was thrilled to raise the funds for Jacob’s Well Project.

Jacob’s Well

Donated by 8 year old Jacob Kenshole from Melbourne, Australia in partnership with Child Care Empowerment

January 2023