50% of women living in extreme poverty

Child Care Empowerment is community-based Organization (CBO) that focuses on supporting children from destitute families since 2010. Through partnering with families, and other Organizations, it adopted participatory approaches to design, address and meet clearly defined developmental targets leading to holistic development of children.CCE works under three thematic areas of Education, Health and Skills development.

In 2019 through a needs assessment that was carried out by CCE, results showed that 50% of the women  in Luuka district were living in extreme poverty and could not spend a dollar per day. Responding to the needs of the people, CCE staff, developed a project to help empower, enable, and equip poor women with the capacity and skills  to generate income in order to meet basic needs.

Malaria and Nets

What is a malaria net?

Insecticide‐treated nets (ITNs) are a core intervention for malaria control. A previous version of this Cochrane Review showed they are very effective at reducing malaria‐related death and illness.

How effective are malaria nets?

A net that only costs about $4.00, lasts for 3 to 4 years, and protects on average two people. The statistics are easy to find. For every 600 nets one child doesn’t die and 500 to 1,000 cases of malaria are prevented.