About Us

Welcome to Child Care Empowerment

Tusanyuse okubalaba oboluganda abapya na bakadde

My name is Moses Menya,

It became apparent some time ago that there were many children orphaned on the poverty strewn streets of Jinja here in Uganda, Africa. These children needed food, shelter, clothing and loving attention. These children were invisible to government help, and so it became my goal to help them, but where would I begin? I am a man of humble means, with not much tangible to give these children, but love and mentoring.

As a grass roots mission, Child Care Empowerment is providing effective hands-on-help, where other hands just don’t reach. We are one of few grass roots organization based in Eastern Uganda, offering educational opportunities, as well as humanitarian needs. Every day new changes are coming, and we are making more new friends. We are encouraged by the support and prayers.

Our goal is to be self-sustaining. The children are energetic and excited about the future. Thank you for visiting. Please continue to pray for us, and according to God’s will, help us when you can. We will add photos and will keep you updated on our adventures!