Jacob is 8 years old and decided to do a fundraiser to get clean water to the children with CCE. He raised $1900AUD and the work began on 3 January, 2023

Meet Jake of Jacob's Well

“There is a 8-year-old boy named Jake in Australia. When he learned that the community did not have clean water, he had his mum set up a gofundme page and he raised all the money himself to build a clean water well in Jinja! Moses chose to have the well put in on community land, rather than his own in order to benefit everyone in the community. Jake is also sponsoring a little 9-year-old boy named Andy.”

This was so exciting to see an eight-year-old boy able to bring water, life-giving water, to precious people across the world. It’s amazing to witness what a little child can do.”~

Jacob is proud to be a sponsor for a boy, Andi, who is just one year older than he is! It’s no surprise after seeing this that he was thrilled to raise the funds for Jacob’s Well Project.

Jacob’s Well

Donated by 8 year old Jacob Kenshole from Melbourne, Australia in partnership with Child Care Empowerment

January 2023