Moses' Birthday and CCE

Today we celebrated! Moses and all of the CCE children’s birthdays! We had lovely cake and even purple drinks to match our new Child Care Empowerment t-shirts for all the children, sponsored by Ken Jewett. Our Uganda Board; Bright, Patrick and Founder and Director Moses are also looking handsome in their purple Child Care Empowerment shirts, sponsored by Deborah Delconte. We had a good day with all of the kids and gave them some food along with malaria nets, sponsored by Jesse of Skilled Floors of Melbourne.
We are so thankful for all of our sponsors and prayer partners. Soo a big thank you to you all. We’ve received good feedback on the new site, that it makes it so easy to donate and getting to see the children and upcoming projects is nice. We hope you will go have a look if you haven’t already. The link is in the first comment. Thank you so so much. We will need money for food and hygiene products for the children soon so please keep us in your prayers and thoughts. God bless, Menya Moses Founder and Executive Director Child Care Empowerment